Travel back in time

With the fascinating histories of both the university and the town, one could experience time traveling in Oxford simply by taking a stroll on the stone streets surrounded by the centuries-old architectures. The dominant limestone color adds a subtle and beautiful glow to the town. It’s a place you need to take your time and let it unfold its pride, legends, and stories slowly in front of you. Book your accommodation in one of the colleges if you would like to have a real Oxford experience. oxford city centerMornings are lovely in Oxford especially if you got a bit sun. Take a stroll along the Longwall St towards the botanical garden, you will come across these lovely pastel houses and have a taste of the local morning scene. Go to Queen’s Lance Coffee House on High St after the walk to have a proper English breakfast, the place isn’t fancy but it claims to be the oldest coffee house in Europe.  oxford morning strolloxford streetoxford street bikeTake your time to visit a few colleges after the breakfast: University College isn’t the most impressive one but it’s the oldest; Christ Church is the most famous and no doubt a stunning one. indulge yourself into the history and legends of the colleges, in the end, knowledge is still the core of Oxford, not Harry Potter.
christ church cathedralchrist church light playchrist church oxfordchrist churchchrist church meadowchrist church spring If you are an architecture lover, climb to the top of the St Marys Church and enjoy the vintage and stunning skyline view of Oxford. oxford cityradcliffe camera oxfordradcliffe cameraYou could also climb to the top of Castle Mound in the west of the town, here you will get a bit new and modern Oxford view as an alternative. The good thing is here you can take your time and chill on the grass, maybe even a picnic? Speaking of food, just in case you are interested, my favorite places to have a bite in Oxford are Banana Tree, Bill’s, Thaikhun, All bar one. nuffield collegeoxford chillIf it would be your first time visiting, come to Oxford in spring, expect to fall in love immediately. Who would not love a blossoming Oxford?st marys church blossomst john's collegeoxford spring sceneoxford springoxford mornings