Humans of Cuba

“Cuban eyes often look close to tears. Tears never seem far away because both their pain and their joy are always so close to the surface.”

Brin-Jonathan Butler was a sharp observer. Cubans do not hide their feelings. And it is often ambivalent.

Vintage cars is a symbol of Cuba in foreigners’ eyes. However Cubans have a complicated relationship with these antique cars: they love them, because tourists love them and it is already a luxury to own a car; they hate them, because none of them functions properly.

100% cubacuban mechanicstaxi driver havana

And it’s not only the cars, life in Cuba is difficult in general. The average salary is still 20-30 euro per month for a normal employee in the Cuban pubic sector. Luckily, Cubans could earn some extra income with their small businesses.

cuban woman in businesscuban street haircutcuban taxi drivercuban bar ownercuban daily lifecuban boatmancuban horse mancuban carters by the sea

Children might not own much in Cuba, but they seem happyy as long as they have each other’s company.

cuban pupils at schoolcuban girls in school uniformscuban pupils after schoolcuban street kidscuban kids playing footballcuban kidstreet kids in havanafriendship cubacuban village boy

Everything seems to be half-beat slower in Cuba. A lot of times, you find Cubans hanging around on the streets, gossiping, people watching or just chilling.

street hangout in trinidad cubatwo generations in cubachill in trinidadcuban old coupleelders hang out in havana

Nevertheless, art and music could always put smile on people’s faces. Cubans are very proud of their rich culture, it unites people together.

young cuban singer songwritercuban painter

However, with the rapid changes in Cuba, wealth gap has never been as wide as now, will art and music be strong enough to fix the division among Cubans?

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