99% Dutch

Well, 100% might be exaggerating, 99% is definitely fair. Here are a list of Dutch things you cannot avoid.


100 percent dutch

-Overwhelming canals.

floral Dutch canal

-The flower everyone loves.

rain drop on the white tulipone of a kind tulip

tulip appeltern


painter and windmill kinderdijk

-Traiditional Dutch Canal Houses.

colorful valkenburg

-The timeless fashion piece: clogs.

dutch clogs

-Life guard of the country: the dike.

dutch dijk in the mist

-National scenery: flat greenness with sheep.

sheep dutch countryside

-The fundament element of the society: questioning.

curious dutch

-The beloved colour: orange.

oranje dutchness

-The man who is even more important than Santa: Sinterklaas.

sinterklaas in amsterdam

-Hipster old Dutch metros.

metro dutch design

-Fat, lazy, slow yet happy pigeons.

happy lazy Dutch pigeon

-Tourists are often high.