Behind Sail 2015

When people talk about Sail Amsterdam, what would be the first things coming to your mind? Ships, sailors, or tourists? As the largest event of any kind in the Netherlands, no matter you love it or hate it, you would not miss it.

Sail2015: Golden age, and the golden future

Sail Amsterdam

A day on water, Amsterdam, Sail2015


Dusk of IJ haven, Sail2015

The scenery was no doubt breathtakingly magnificent, but I was distracted by a few people. They are not the random people wandering around, they belong to a ‘neglected’ group: the workers of Sail2015. People who might not be in the spotlights, people who were there to make Sail 2015 possible. I felt they deserve some exposure.

Humans of Sail2015: Dutch police

Striking a pose for Sail2015

Humans of Sail2015

Humans of Sail2015: happy sailor

Humans of Sail2015

With the presence of these people, the rest were enjoying this special occasion as much as they could. It only happens once in every five years, you’d better make the most out of it, right?

Humans of Sail2015

Humans of Sail2015

Humans of Sail2015: happy sailors

Humans of Sail2015