When I first came to the Netherlands, this national orange fetish day was called Queen’s Day. It was for the beloved Queen of the Dutch. However, not long after, the Queen resigned the throne, but the orange day needs to continue somehow, therefore King’s Day was born.

If you think Dutch are patriotic, you are probably going too far. Most people just need a day with good parties to get drunk. And King’s day gives a very proper reason for that. With or without the Dutch monarchy.

Everything is kinda organge, from water to land.

orange boats queens day orange dayorange pantsorange fever

But it’s not only a day for intoxicated adults, it is also a national talent show for kids. You would find the future musicians, performers, and mostly, successful Dutch future businessmen/businesswomen selling or trading their possessions.

girl's time kings dayorange park market upcoming Dutch drummer young businesswoman among adults young violinist

And yes, they are all adorable. But I was wondering, what if the kids who are shy or not that ‘outstanding’ start feeling they are the ‘losers’ in this talent show? Hopefully not, it is supposed to be a happy day, for everyone, even the cat.

cat with crown

Another important thing to point out is, it is always good weather on this orange day, if you have lived in the Netherlands, you would understand this is a miracle.

orange outfits kingsday